• About Us

    The Syrian Team for Animal Rescue (STAR) has been rescuing injured animals in Damascus, Syria for 4 years with the help from 20 volunteers. Due to the war Syria has witnessed over the past years, there has been an increased number of unwanted animals in residential areas looking for food and safety. STAR is a no-kill shelter for injured and unwanted animals. The organization rescues animals who suffered torture and abuse from people and we provide them with shelter, food, medical care, and most importantly, we give them love and keep them safe. With the help of STAR, many of these animals have been rehabilitated and adopted, however some are left with permanent disabilities such as blindness and missing / paralysed limbs. With no support but from personal donations and crowd funding, STAR faces a challenging situation trying to keep its shelter open. If STAR sanctuary shuts down, not only will those animal return to the streets with no hope of survival, it will also put an end to an effort that has been standing against animal cruelty in the Syrian society.

  • What We Do

    Animal Rescue

    We rescue animals who have suffered torture and abuse from people and provide them with shelter, food, medical care, and most importantly, we give them love and keep them safe. We are in collaboration with several vet clinics in Damascus to sterilize male cats and dogs in our care. We aim at neutering all animals at the shelter, however the cost is still beyond our means. We treat all the injuries animals come in with, and make sure they have a safe place to stay while they are recovering.

    Pet Adoption

    Or aim is to get these animals to a safe and secure forever home full of love. We rely on adoptions to keep the flow of animals in and out of our centre sustainable. However, please ask yourself a few very simple questions before adopting a pet and if you can't commit to them it means you shouldn't adopt an animal companion at this stage of your life. Donating is another wonderful way of helping these animas if you're not in a position to adopt. You could save a life today.

    Animal Vaccinations

    Vaccinations help protect the animals from a number of potentially serious and even fatal diseases, like rabies. Not only that, vaccinations cost considerably less than the treatments available for the diseases pets are normally vaccinated against. Every pet should be vaccinated to help their chance of living a healthy and long life.

    Food Donations

    Many of these animals have been starving while living on the streets and we want to ensure they never have to feel hungry again. Food costs us about 50,000 Syrian pounds (around $70) per day.

  • Our Causes

    Please see below what your donations will help us achieve

    URGENT APPEAL: Support STAR Animal Sanctuary

    Goal: $4,800/in 2019

    Raised: $2,000

    The farm that STAR uses as a shelter for the animals is a rental.

    Consequently, we need funding to pay rent, this amounts to 300,000 Syrian pounds monthly (around $400)

    Food Donation

    Goal: $25,500/in 2019

    Raised: $5,220

    STAR Pet Food Pantry program is entirely supported by community donations. Food for the shelter is procured on daily basis, our current need is for 800 kg of chicken parts (neck, back) per day. This amounts to 45,000 Syrian pounds, in addition to 5,000 Syrian pounds for transportation ($70)

    We also need to procure dry and canned food for the sickly who can’t eat chicken parts, this is a more expensive option as it is imported and is linked to exchange rates.

    Medical Fund

    Goal: $30,000

    Raised: $0.00

    The Medical Fund runs entirely on the generosity of our supporters. We receive no outside funding from government or state agencies. We need your help so that we can continue to help shelter animals that need emergency medical funding and educate the public on responsible pet care and ownership.

  • How You Can Help



    Donations are the foundation which keep our centre open and without them we wouldn't be able to continue. It’s easy to donate! You may make a secure donation online with a credit or debit card. Simply click the Donate Now button below to make a one-time or recurring donation.



    A wide variety of volunteer opportunities are available for individuals with all types of skills and talents and availability. Whether you can volunteer many hours each week, one day a month, or on occasion, there is likely a way you can help!



    We rely on adoptions to keep the flow of animals in and out of our centre sustainable. We have been helped by organisations in the US and the Netherlands by transporting a number of our animals to their countries for adoption.

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